Food Profit uniquely calculates

your true cost of manufacturing

for your restaurant’s menus,


……updates all product pricing changes

for every ingredient.

When Food Profit does all the

Food Cost Calculations

for your kitchen recipes,

we reduce your invoice paperwork burden.   

Giving You  More Time

To Manage Your Restaurant!

You can price your menu with confidence,

when you know the cost of manufacturing of each item on your menu.

We do the paperwork, allowing you to do more for your customers.

We Do Food Costing Easier, Faster & Simpler for Your Restaurant Kitchen

We Turn Your Endless Pile of  Supplier Invoices… 

… Into a Valuable Food Cost Insight Report

Giving You More Time to Manage Your Restaurant!


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Food Profit categorizes your product invoice data into the 7 Primary Food Costing Categories.  

This interactive, visual data display is your starting point into managing your “Restaurant’s PathWay to Profit” in three easy steps. 

Your custom dashboard reports where your food cost variances differ from your purchasing targets.

In real time your custom dashboard is updated every time new invoice data is added.  Know which products and what suppliers have changed prices, so you know where to take action to protect your profits.

Get all your key financial performance data in one spot that is both easy to view and understand. Ask us how you can add your kitchen yields with your batch and plate recipes to know the true cost of production for every item on your menu.

We Do Food Costing For You in 3 Simple Steps

Get up to date food costing in a simple 3 Step Process with no confusing software to learn or countless hours doing data entry.

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If you take your coffee break with us, in 15 minutes we will explain how we can help you gain from 2 – 8% to your profit line, by knowing more about the cost of each plate item and batch recipes on your menu. 

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Flexible & Easy Pricing For Every Food Service Operation


  • Online Order Guide
  • Menu Pricing Tool
  • Shop ‘n Cook® Recipe Management Software
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A Light Menu Fare
  • Breakfast Plus+
  • Cost Trending Reports by Category
  • Invoice Processing*
  • POS Integration
  • Dashboard
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A Robust Sampling
  • Lunch Plus+
  • Accurate Cost Analysis for up to 50 Recipes
  • Add Plate Presentation Photos
  • Biweekly Calls with Menu Experts
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Achieve Increased Profits of 2 - 8%

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President & Co Founder

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Chief Operating Officer

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Art of the Possible Programmer

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Chief Data Scientist

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Art of the Possible Programmer

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Chief Menu Officer

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Executive Chef & President of FoodTender Labs